Motivation is an interesting concept. Sometimes, we see motivation as this elusive thing that the people we look up to must have. Although it is also something that some people are able to just will themselves to have without much effort. Many times we are enticed by this notion that if we can be clever enough, we can “hack” our minds to reward ourselves with endless proactivity and determination. Now, it is entirely possible that some “tricks” can work as research has shown that our brains respond to certain cues over others. However, there is no escaping the actual effort, and motivation is simply supplementing that effort with a productive shift in your attitude. So, here are some motivation tips for working out that are tried-and-true methods.


Keep A Visual Reminder

What is the reason you started working out in the first place? Do you have an event coming up? Do you want to relive your peak physical form from college? Whatever the reason may be, one of the best things you can do is keep a reminder of that reason that you can see and keep it close. If there is a date you are working towards, take a screenshot of that date and make it the background photo on your phone. This way, every time you open up your phone, you will be reminded of that date that you are working towards. You can even leave post-it notes around your room that says “you got this” as a mental cue to keep going. Doing so will allow your brain to log it in as a cue for you to return to your habit.


Be Honest With Yourself

Angela Davis, who is a celeb SoulCycle instructor and self-described “fitness evangelist” said, “embracing any lifestyle change is going to require you to be ready.” You have to recognize that the life you are currently living is not serving you. This can coincide with the first tip because it relates to sitting down and having an honest conversation with yourself about why you want to do this. Remember, motivation isn’t this magic formula that brings you success, but rather the willingness to put in that effort needed to push you towards your goals.


Workout With A Friend

There is actual science behind this. Working out with someone else has proven to be a highly effective motivation booster. But, make sure you choose someone that will also hold you accountable. Davis said, “what qualifies someone for that position is someone who will require you to put a demand on your potential.” So, you want someone that will force you to push yourself and call you out if you are slacking.