Drew Riach

A firm believer in the power of healthy living.

About Drew Riach

As a pastor, Drew Riach has devoted his life to Jesus Christ, and one way to repay him for his sacrifice is by taking great care of his body. His main physical activity is running, which he credits as a form of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical connection. Drew believes everyone should find a physical activity to pursue that will also bring them closer to themselves and God.

Drew’s philosophy about healthy living is something he strives to share with others, including his young daughter. He hopes to guide her down the right path, which includes staying physically active and eating a nutritious diet. Drew says that life falls into place much more easily when you stay physically active. It helps you to stay focused at work, improves your energy, and can give you something to look forward to after a busy day at the office. At the end of the day, it may be hard to justify spending time working out when you already have a crammed schedule, but Drew Riach says that exercising will actually better equip you to handle the daily workload.

One tip Drew has for new runners is to use apps to make it fun. There are tons in every app store, from running games to simple step counters. When he first started out, Drew utilized multiple apps to keep his motivation up, because it gave him a sense of accomplishment to see his progress. These apps are created to form an almost addictive habit, but Drew also noticed other positive impacts. The accomplished feeling he got translated into other areas of his life, and of course, his health has improved.

As a man with a smaller stature, Drew Riach knows it is crucial to stay physically active in order to avoid slipping into the infamous “dad bod”. Although anyone with any body type needs to work out, it is important for smaller individuals to watch their belly fat and combat buildup by maintaining a routine. This kind of fat can contribute to heart disease and other internal issues, which run in Drew’s family. He knows the importance of counteracting these partially-genetic diseases by working at the components you can control.

In his professional life, Drew Riach is a music pastor at Lakeshore St. Andrew’s Church in Windsor, ON. He provides multimedia presentations for the services, as well as manages the branding and marketing of the church. His philosophy, both inside and outside of the church, is that living an authentic life will lead to more happiness and increased connections with others.